Your Achy Muscle Rub Super Strength is the best product that I have found that address pain from arthritis and spinal stenosis. Your Calming Moisture Rub leaves your skin silky smooth and helps to heal bruising and cuts. Amazing products that I will never be without. Keep up the good work!
Deborah Dukatz
I won some amazing products from this company recently and all I can say is WOW!! I really love them! My favorite is the Dark Chocolate Hazelnut flavored CBD oil and the calming moisture rub. The chapstick is AMAZING too. I will be restocking after I empty these  amazing products for sure. Thank you!!
Sterling Bennett
Thank you for your help with your wonderful products. I am happy to report that the 1,000 mg salve I ordered for my cousin has worked wonders. The back pain she has been experiencing for over one year since surgery has been greatly eased with your product. She only wishes the effect would last longer. We will certainly remain a customer trying new products as well as the tried and true ones you now have.
Ronda Bazar
B&B Botanicals does magic! The muscle rub relieves pain quickly! I've used many products and this one works great! Awesome customer service to go with their product line. Would highly recommend!
Ryan Aigotti
I've torn my ACL in both knees and still struggle with pain. I put your Achy Muscle Rub on every morning and night and have noticed a big difference in pain reduction. Love your product.
Blake Scott
I use and sell (B&B Botanicals) product and it has been a lifesaver for me and I've heard so many success stories. I was popping Advil like M&M's until I started using the Achy Muscle Rub, it stopped the pain so I could sleep. I've used the Balancing Nectar for that time of the month, guys buy this for your lady, she will thank you and will love it too, it makes you insides happy, love love love and I never leave home without my Lip Balm, it is wonderful!
Azlea Kozan
OUTDOORSMAN TAKE NOTE: After years of holding a fishing rod in cold weather,(and a lot of using a mouse with my PC), I have developed arthritis in my thumb and hand, I tried everything but learned to fish through the pain..... until the Achy Muscle Rub that is. Rub it in and only after a few uses its back to the water. Thanks B&B.
John Strzalka
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️  I have started using the Achy Muscle Rub on my sore hands. I had never used it for this application before, and it worked to ease all of my pain. So happy to be pain free! 🤩
Nikole Gonyou
They are a great up and coming CBD company that is going to help heal many people from pain and other things that the public health system cannot facilitate by traditional medicine.
Kate Vumbaco
Super nice and friendly! Their products are wonderful! Give them a try! 
Sharla Mwinyelle​