Achy Muscle Massage Oil


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Our Achy Muscle Oil is the perfect product to use on your significant other, or as a gift to friends and family who love getting massages. This massage oil is combined with the same oils as the Achy Muscle Rub, but with the addition of a complete oil base, of which we have 2 choices. The Sweet Almond/ Avocado Oil has a glide characteristic that is perfect for light pressure, relaxing massage. This oil glides over the skin with ease, allowing for a wonderful massage experience for anyone from a licensed massage therapist to a construction worker!  The Hemp Seed option has a little more grip texture for a deeper massage, plus superior absorption thanks to its Essential Fatty Acid profile being almost exactly the same as human skin! This allows the oil to penetrate into the skin layers with ease. Chock full of anti-inflammatory agents such as the essential oils of Arnica, Peppermint, Clove, Rosemary, and of course Hemp Based CBD, these oils will take any massage to the next level of relief for whomever is receiving it.

Massage is one of the most natural, safe, and effective ways to relieve mental and physical pain! Massage has been used as far back as 2700 B.C. by some of the ancient eastern cultures as a way to reduce physical pain and illness. To list off some of the benefits of massage, let’s start with improved circulation, pain reduction, stress relief, improved posture, and immunity-boosting qualities just to name a few! Also, massage helps flush out toxins while relaxing your body and mind, which can allow for quicker rehabilitation of injuries. Those are some fantastic benefits! Which is why we recommend that everyone get a massage as often as feasibly possible. To get more out of your massage, we recommend using our Achy Muscle Oil to really deliver some extra anti-inflammatory action! Our Achy Muscle Oil delivers essential fatty acids, vitamins, and nutrients deep into the layers of the skin to make the massage experience as enjoyable as possible.

Size: 8 Fl. oz. Warning: Intended for external use only, please do not ingest. If rash occurs, please discontinue use.

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Light Tissue (Avocado Sweet Almond) 1000mg, Deep Tissue (Hemp Seed) 1000mg


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