Guide to Using our Products

Not all hemp is created equal, and not everyone has the same body chemistry. What works for one person, most likely will not work exactly the same way for another. That is what makes us all unique, so we must take that in account when it comes to choosing CBD products. B&B Botanicals recommends experimenting with different dosages and product types until you find what works best for you. 

The type of products you choose will be dependent on what you are looking to get out of product. 

Are you looking supplement your diet with cannabinoids (CBD, CBG, etc), in order to feed your endocannabinoid system and support a normal state of health, sleep, and inflammation?

Then ingestible Hemp supplements are going to be the products you are looking for, like our Balancing Nectar or CBD Gummies. When you ingest cannabinoids like CBD, they are processed through the body and interact with the endocannabinoid system. The goal of the endocannabinoid system is to achieve homeostasis at a cellular level, which helps support a normal state of health. This is why ingestible cannabinoid products are so popular today.

Are you looking to apply a product to a specific area on your body to interact with the cannabinoid receptors in your skin and muscles, to temporarily lower inflammation and maintain a pain free state? While also feeding your skin the essential fatty acids, vitamins, and nutrients it craves?

Then high quality topical CBD products are what you are looking for. For example, our Achy Muscle Rub, Cooling Gel Roll On, Achy Muscle Massage Oil, Soothing Lip Balm, and Calming Moisture Rub. Topical CBD products are rapidly rising in popularity due to the fact you can apply them to targeted areas of the body, along with the effects being felt more rapidly.

Thoughts on Dosage

At B&B Botanicals, We are proud to offer varying potency options. From someone new to CBD products to the seasoned plant-based botanical veteran, we will work to make sure you get the dosage that fits your body chemistry to achieve the proper effects. Here are our thoughts on dosage for ingestibles and topicals.


As mentioned above, everyone has a unique body chemistry, so everyone will have different dosage needs. Also, what you are looking to get out of a product will have an effect on determining your dosage. One must play around with the dosage until they find what works best for their body. Remember, consistency is key.

General maintenance – 10-40mg per day (taking the supplement 1-2 times a day)

Micro-dosing – 1-10mg per day (taking the supplement in small amounts, multiple times a day)

High dosage – 100-300mg per day (taking the supplement 1-3 times daily)


With most things in life, the stronger something is, the more you will feel it. The same applies to CBD topicals. If you are looking get the most out of a topical product, go with a stronger dosage (i.e. higher mg).

For someone just getting into CBD topicals, a product with 200-500mg per unit is a great place to start.

For someone who lives life to the fullest, and is looking for a product to compliment that lifestyle, we would recommend a product with 1000mg per unit.

Consistency is Key

As with any supplement regiment, consistency is key! Many people are turned off by CBD because it doesn’t work after just one use. You don’t just take your vitamins once a month, you have be consistently taking them daily to keep your body working at it’s fullest potential. The same is true for cannabinoid based products like CBD oil (Balancing Nectar).

Sometimes it takes weeks of taking the supplement to start to feel the benefits, so do not give up if you are discouraged after just a few uses! If you are still unsatisfied with a CBD product after a few weeks, it usually means that you need to try a stronger dose to achieve whatever you are looking to get out of the product. 

Multiple Applications a Day

A little of each of our products goes a long way!

Multiple applications of our products tend to produce the most desirable effects. This is still very circumstantial! Depending on one’s unique situation you may only need one application a day. Other more strenuous situations may require multiple applications a day. 

The reasoning behind this is that multiple different applications a day keep the Endocannabinoid System (and other biological systems) working “Around the Clock” instead of once a day with one large dose.

Feel how the products reacts with your skin/body

At B&B Botanicals, we are proud to multiple use samples of our products that allow you to get a feel and smell of what our products are like. We want each and every customer to know what they are getting in our product, and to be satisfied with its quality. That is why we offer samples of most of our topical products, so that the wary customer can get an idea of our product before committing to buy the full product. If you are interested in a sample, please call or email us to give us the information needed to send out a sample!

Once you feel comfortable with our products, you can start experimenting! Trying higher doses, multiple applications a day, different modes of application, to see what regimen produces the best result for you! We can only supply the product; you must supply your own experience with it. We cannot massage our product into everyone’s body for 10+ minutes every time, but you, or your partner can! Please feel free to experiment. That is how we all learn something new! Try to not just apply our product for 10 seconds; really take the time to get in tune with your own body!

As with any product on the market, one must feel how the products react with their own bodies and skin. If you notice any negative effects that can be attributed to a certain product, we recommend to stop using that product until you can figure out if it was the product or another lifestyle change or product that is causing any issues. If you use a topical and get a rash, discontinue use, and contact the company that you got it from so they can determine what it was that is an issue, so they know to make any announcements needed regarding that product. 

At B&B Botanicals we are committed to customer satisfaction, and if you are not satisfied with a product we will do whatever we can in our power to make you happy and satisfied. If you are unsatisfied with any of B&B Botanicals products, please contact us for an immediate response to determine what we can do to address the situation and make it right.