Ordering Guide

Guide to Using Our Products
Determine your dosage – At B&B Botanicals, We are proud to offer varying potency options. From someone new to CBD products to the seasoned plant-based botanical veteran, we will work to make sure you get the dosage that fits your body chemistry to achieve the proper effects. If this is your first time ordering CBD products, we fully recommend starting at the lowest dosage to get a feel for our product. Once you are fully comfortable, feel free to experiment with your own body to find the dosage that works best for you.

Multiple Applications a Day
A little of each of our products goes a long way!
Multiple applications of our products tend to produce the most desirable effects. This is still very circumstantial! Depending on one’s unique situation you may only need one application a day. Other more strenuous situations may require multiple applications a day. The reasoning behind this is that multiple different applications a day keep the Endocannabinoid System (and other biological systems) working “Around the Clock” if you will instead of once a day with one large dose.

Feel how the product reacts with your skin
At B&B Botanicals, We are proud to offer sample packets and small multiple use samples of our products that allow you to get a feel and smell of what our products are like. We want each and every customer to know what they are getting in our product, and to be satisfied with its quality. That is why we offer samples of our product, so that the wary customer can get an idea of our product before commiting to buy the full product. If you are interested in samples, please email us at bandbbotanicals@gmail.com to give us the information needed to send out a sample!
Once you feel comfortable with our products, you can start experimenting! Trying higher doses, multiple applications a day, different modes of application, to see what regimen produces the best result for you! We can only supply the product; you must supply your own experience with it. We cannot massage our product into everyone’s body for 10+ minutes every time, but you, or your partner can! Please feel free to experiment. That is how we all learn something new! Try to not just apply our product for 10 seconds; really take the time to get in tune with your own body!