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Welcome Back to B&B Botanicals!

Hey there everyone!

This is Alberto Bercich, the owner of B&B Botanicals. A CBD Wellness Company that I  founded in October of 2017 in Denver, Colorado. 

 I am  writing this because I just deleted the last 3 years of B&B Botanicals Blog History in a fit of what some would call genius, and others may call madness. Depending on how you look at it..😂

As I was going through my past blog posts dating back to 2017 (that there were few and far in-between by the way), I noticed that the whole blog needed a huge overhaul and revamp. I want to bring my audience the best content I can, and what I had previously was just not going to cut it. The blog was not up to my standard anymore, so I decided it was time to go in with the new, and out with the old.

So, this blog will be bringing you tons of new content as I continue to publish it all. Most of it will be in the form of video to bring the best and most engaging content. There will still be written pieces here and there, but mostly video and audio from here on out.

B&B Botanicals Blog will be featuring a ton of educational, business, and sponsored content that will be sure inspire, educate, and entertain!

Here is a quick YouTube video that is the kick off of this new Vlog/Blog journey for B&B Botanicals!

Welcome Back to B&B Botanicals Journey!

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